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Tiina Lantto, PhD

Posted by Alex Tibbitt | February 13, 2018

The May 2018 deadline is looming, and the chemical industry is under increasing pressure. The leadup to May 2018 has brought about significant growth for Penman Consulting, our team have grown considerably with 7 new members since November. Over the coming weeks we will be featuring the new team members to showcase their experience and contribution to Penman Consulting and the services we provide.

Tiina Lantto, PhD

Tiina Lantto joined us at the end of November after two and half years at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

At ECHA Tiina conducted compliance checks for human toxicology endpoints and acted as a researcher and project manager in the ECHA project developing a new approach to use mammalian toxicokinetic data in bioaccumulation assessment. She also participated in the preparation of SVHC dossiers, the PBT Guidance update, and the work of the ECHA PBT Expert Group.

Tiina obtained her PhD in pharmaceutical biology from the University of Helsinki, with a focus on in vitro cytotoxicity and molecular mechanisms of plant phenolics in cell death. Tiina also holds an MSc in animal biotechnology with major subjects in gene technology and molecular biology. Her major interests include worldwide chemical risk assessment and management approaches, collaborative relations between chemicals regulatory authorities and industry, and the reduction of animal testing in a regulatory context, including the use of alternative methods.

With Penman Consulting Tiina works as a toxicologist managing client projects and contributing to the scientific regulatory aspects of chemical substances.

Tiina’s extensive experience in toxicology and chemicals regulation makes her an asset to the Toxicology team, Penman Consulting and our clients.

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