Active Steward™

Simplify your Product Stewardship

Active Steward™ is a Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs (PSRA) toolset, designed by chemical industry experts, to simplify your data management and reduce your long-term regulatory costs.

The Active Steward™ platform is supported by Penman Consulting’s Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs team. They provide expert advice, tutorials, and regulatory support to help you achieve your business goals.


The function of Active Steward™


  • Efficient document storage, searching and retrieval
  • Track regulatory compliance activities and status
  • Manage product-specific regulatory status
  • Add, manage, and blend constituents and sub-constituents
  • Generate and send reports for Products and Constituents
  • Integrated inventory and list searching
  • Substance volume tracking (SVT)
  • Set up secure tabbed pages, for internal or external view
  • Industry-strength security and data-backup.

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