Career Opportunities


What We Offer

We offer:

  • Exciting work that benefits humankind and the environment.
  • Collaboration with colleagues, mentors and clients who are experts in their fields.
  • Limitless opportunities to develop your knowledge, skillset and professional network.
  • Travel opportunities, such as conferences, training and regulatory meetings

Increasing demand for our services and expertise means we are always looking for new members of the team. We are open to people from all educational backgrounds, sectors and experience levels.


At Penman Consulting we offer the opportunity to participate in many different educational and vocational studies. Examples of programmes our people have undertaken include:

  • Formal university education: several employees have worked on part time BScs, MScs and MBAs.
  • Training for certifications such as project management, accountancy, IT, health and safety and first aid.
  • Increasing subject matter knowledge through international conferences and workshops.

Vocational Training

We are committed to providing in-house training, so that everybody feels able to complete their day to day work to the best of the ability. This can include training on various processes, new software and the opportunity to learn from expert mentors.

We also utilise “proximity mentors”, employees who are experienced in their field and willing to help and guide junior members of staff. We encourage peer to peer learning and many of our trusted working relationships with our clients’ subject matter experts enable knowledge sharing with our team.


We are proud to offer a flexible working environment. This includes opportunities to work from home and flexible working hours where applicable. We understand that many people have dependents and other commitments, we do our best to support our team so that they can work in the way that’s best for them.