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At Penman Consulting, there is always an array of ongoing exciting work. We have included more detail about our key areas of expertise below.


There are always a variety of tasks ongoing in our science department. Scientific areas at Penman include, but are not limited to:

  • Toxicology
  • Environmental
  • Exposure
  • Chemistry

At Penman you will be working with an international community of scientists and regulators to ensure that chemicals are used safely. Working with new EU regulations can be a challenging and rewarding experience, you will be working with a variety of chemicals, from large volume petrochemical substances, to small volume niche products. There are always new scientific challenges to work on and we are proud to support our clients so that they have the best quality scientific information available.

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Consortia management

Consortia management involves collaborating with many different companies. With over 10 years’ experience managing some of the largest industry consortia, you will help our experienced team provide effective management, representation, and registration services for our clients. Consortia management involves providing legal, financial, and operational support as well as scientific and regulatory expertise. We also guide our clients on all aspects of EU competition law, cost sharing and data sharing mechanisms, and we partner with leading legal and financial service providers.

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Product Stewardship

Through our Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs (PRSA) department, we provide a premium combination of industry expertise, regulatory knowledge, and business acumen. Modern product stewards face many complexities, like modern chemical regulations, consumer demands and the competing demands of various stakeholders. Working in our PRSA team, you will help manage the environmental impacts of products at different stages in their production, use and disposal. We are looking for people with (or who are interested in developing) exceptional regulatory knowledge and problem-solving skills.

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IT Development

As a developer, you will be part of our talented Active Steward development team. Active Steward, a subsidiary of Penman Consulting, is a product stewardship and data management toolset designed for the chemical industry. You will work with clients, industry experts and our internal team to develop new features and improve performance.

Our ISO 27001 certified IT team provide expertly hosted solutions for large industry consortia and clients. This involves hosting mandatory regulatory software and working with the Active Steward development team. The team also manage internal IT support.

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