Our Services

We provide the following services to our global clients.
We incorporate your business objectives with the requirements of modern day chemical regulation.

Consortia Management

Our approach to Consortia Management is holistic. With over 10 years’ experience managing some of the largest industry consortia our experienced team provide proven and effective management, representation, and registration services to fulfill your needs across the chemical industry.

We can provide legal, financial, and operational support as well as scientific and regulatory expertise.  We can guide you on all aspects of EU competition law, cost sharing and data sharing mechanisms, and we partner with leading legal and financial service providers.

Toxicology and Eco-Toxicology

Our Toxicology team has varied experience across petrochemicals, inorganics and nanomaterials, in Endocrine Disruption, Genotoxicity/Carcinogenicity Testing, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity.

Use of toxicological expertise to provide a sound scientific basis for identification of chemical hazards and assessment to health and environmental risk.

Design and conduct of experimental programmes to provide data necessary to meet National and International registration and notification requirements.

Use of in-silico methods and read-across techniques to predict hazardous properties of chemicals.

Read-across and development of strategic programmes for the grouping of similar substances for the purposes of legislative compliance.

Tox and Eco-Tox Services Include:
  • Data development and critique
  • Complex modelling
  • Risk assessment
  • Testing strategy, development and execution
  • Study monitoring
  • Internal peer review
  • Development of positions and regulatory advocacy
  • Human health

Product Stewardship

Our approach to offering Product Stewardship (PS) services is to provide a premium combination of industry expertise, regulatory knowledge, and business acumen.

We understand the complexities product stewards face, with modern chemical regulation, consumer demands, and competing demands of various stakeholders.

Our multidisciplinary team ensure you have the confidence that Penman Consulting will meet your business requirements.

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Product Stewardship Services Include:
  • Auditing of PS department and resources
  • Product Stewardship Training
  • Development of Product Stewardship framework
  • Integration with Active Steward™ platform

Regulatory Affairs

Using our tools and experience we engage with regulators at the national and international level, privately, and in public forums.

Our global regulatory compliance services include EU REACH, UK REACH, K-REACH, China REACH and TSCA.

We offer complete registration services including dossier preparation, inquiry dossiers, and representation.

Other Services Include:
  • Read across
  • Literature search
  • Classification and labelling advice
  • Advocacy/position papers

Environmental Science

Our Environmental Science team specialises in ecological risk assessment and toxicology.

Their combination of experience comes from working in industry, government organisations, and on a research level, giving them broad international regulatory knowledge.

The team works extensively with the latest industry software applications and is highly experienced in managing large, complex, and politically sensitive programmes.

Environmental Science Services Include:
  • Environmental fate modelling
  • Expert advice to industry on environmental issues
  • Aquatic and terrestrial toxicity testing
  • Development and review of QSAR resources
  • Development of research strategies

Only Representative (OR)

With entities based in the UK and in Brussels, we can assist you as a Non-EU Manufacturer with your chemical exports into Europe, acting as a gateway into the European market.

To help us with this we use our industry-leading software Active Steward™. Our software helps with the automation and collection of tonnage data, and stores information and documentation in accordance with REACH Article 36.

Penman Consulting is also an approved member of the Only Representative Organisation (ORO), striving to ensure best practice within the OR community.

OR Services Include:
  • Submission of: Inquiries, Registrations
  • Submission of: CLP notifications and PPORD notifications
  • Ongoing maintenance of new and existing registrations
  • Provision of annual OR Report

IT Development

Our IT team build powerful, secure systems specifically designed  for the chemical and petrochemical industry. They partner with our industry experts and regulators to develop Active Steward™, a product stewardship and data management toolset.

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IT Development Services Include:
  • Ad hoc implementation
  • Migration of scientific modelling to updated technology
  • Content management systems
  • Search engine and database systems
  • Multi-Tenant Applications with strong access controls

IUCLID Hosting and Migration

Penman Consulting provides expert hosted solutions for large industry consortia and clients.

Your data is held at a specialist data centre under industry-leading security and redundancy protocols.

We provide you and your internal and external users with the latest version of IUCLID/Chesar, plus all official plugins.

Hosting and Migration Services Include:
  • Multiple versions, IUCLID 5.6, 6.0, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
  • Chesar hosting
  • Import and export your data and dossiers
  • Extranets and websites


We can provide bespoke training in any of our areas of expertise, for example regulatory legislation, new regulation (e.g. nanomaterials, polymers).

Our training can take place by interactive webinar, at your premises, or at our Oxfordshire (UK) or Brussels (BE) offices.

Training Services Include:
  • Product Stewardship
  • Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic (PBT)
  • Classification and Labelling
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