Career Opportunities


Why Penman Consulting

Penman Consulting is a science and regulatory advisory company that provides services and solutions to the chemical and petrochemical industries. The talents of our employees, nearly 80% of whom have STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics), help our clients to comply with some of their most technically complex regulatory issues facing industry today. Their dedication delivers customer satisfaction and ensures our services are in constant demand from existing and new clients.

In return for the commitment of our employees, we offer industry-leading compensation, 36 days holiday (including public holidays), flexible working conditions including work-from-home, peers and mentors with industry leading expertise and a commitment to personal development that can include paid study leave. Core to our commitment to retain the best people, we focus on training and developing our employees to fill open opportunities with their newly gained talents. To ensure that our employee retention efforts are effective, we run a quarterly dialogue program, where each employee can openly discuss with their assigned mentor any issues that have arisen in the previous 3 months as well as identify new opportunities for the coming months.

The Executive Management team recognise that our commitment to our employees is paramount to the success of the business. Starting as a small business we like to think of the Penman Consulting team as our extended family and we place their well-being as our primary business priority.

I look forward to receiving your application to one of our open positions and to explaining about our business ethos during one of our meetings or calls.

Tim Kilpatrick
General Manager

Our Philosophy

Working within the international scientific community, we aim to increase the safe and sustainable use of chemicals for humans and the environment.

We believe in continually investing in our team, supporting personal development and growing our knowledge base. This ensures we can support our clients in an ever-changing regulatory landscape

Our Ambitions

Our ambition is to be a trusted ‘go-to’ consultancy, providing high quality scientific and regulatory services to the global chemicals and petrochemicals industries.

Through our pipeline of work over the next few years, we expect to double our team and treble our revenues. We will do this by meeting client demand, developing our people and consistently delivering high quality work.

Our People

Joining Penman Consulting has provided me a number great of opportunities to travel with work. This has included attending conferences and client meetings throughout Europe and North America, visiting some places I never would have got the opportunity to otherwise.

As part of my responsibilities, I work closely with our Non-EU clients, acting as their Only Representative to allow them access to the EU market. This often presents unique situations, and I enjoy supporting them with problem solving and presenting them with solutions.

Penman Consulting also supports flexible working, with options to spend regular time working from home. This has been particularly useful to me by reducing the time spent sat in traffic.

My favourite thing about working for Penman Consulting is the working environment – it’s a small company with friendly work colleagues, and more often than not, we feel like a large family (which is fitting for a family business). We’re all quite social and even eat lunch altogether. Other than that, I have been supported through an MSc in Toxicology whilst working here, amongst other training. I have also enjoyed attending conferences around Europe to expand my network, and I’ve been encouraged to do so here.

Whilst here I have been involved in a number of interesting projects. My most recent challenge was working on a number of strategies to address testing requirements for a large consortium. We are technically required to test multiple individual substances, despite the fact that many of them are similar enough to one another to predict what toxicological profiles they will exhibit. I have to draw upon my scientific background to justify testing proposals that will cover a large range of variables with as few studies as possible. This can be tricky, the proposals need to be robust enough scientifically to stand up to the scrutiny of regulators, which is always challenging. Drafting these testing proposals is a team effort, with multiple members contributing their expertise.

I have worked at Penman for two years and it has always been a fun friendly environment with plenty of challenges and opportunities to develop. I have been fully supported in all things I have wanted to do including conferences and training courses. I have been given multiple opportunities to network with all sorts of interesting and knowledgeable people including other consultants, Contract Research Organisations and people of all levels from within the chemicals industry. This role has really stretched my knowledge and experience, working with a diverse range of people on interesting, technical and regulatory issues all within a safe environment where your colleagues support you when you need them.

Penman Consulting is a friendly, relaxed and productive place to work. There is an emphasis on health, family and environment and a flexible approach to being able to work from home if needed. We have fun and laugh often whilst always keeping things in perspective. A great place to work.