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Posted by Penman | March 22, 2023

On the 1st January 2021 UK-REACH came into force. As a consequence, EU-REACH registrations were no longer applicable for UK companies. Consequently, separate registrations are required for any chemicals manufactured in the UK or imported into the UK in volumes >1 Metric Tonne per year.

Who will be affected?

What and when?

1st January 2021

The UK-REACH Legislation came in-to-force and the IT systems, “Comply with UK REACH” went live.

30th April 2021

Deadline for UK Manufacturers or importers to “Grandfather” existing UK registrations from EU to UK REACH.

27th October 2021

Deadline for UK Importers and Only Representatives to notify the UK Authorities of “Downstream User Import Notifications” (DUINs). Note – this deadline was subsequently extended.

29th November 2022

The industry were consulted on extending the UK REACH Submission Deadlines. The outcome was that all deadlines should be postponed.

27th October 2026

Proposed registration deadline for substances in volumes >1000tpa, CMRs >1tpa, very toxic to aquatic organisms >100tpa and candidate list substances (version 1).

27th October 2028

Proposed registration deadline for substances in volumes >100tpa, candidate list substances (version 2).

27th October 2030

Proposed registration deadline for substances in volumes >1tpa.

How we can help

As a business with European and UK operations, we are in the perfect position to manage the impact that Brexit and UK-REACH may have on our clients’ regulatory status. We have a dedicated team who can support you by:

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