Larry Higgins, PhD, MRSB, ERT

Head of Scientific Services

Larry studied biochemistry at Trinity College in Dublin (1996-2001) followed by a PhD at the University of Dundee (2001-2005) studying the role of Nrf2 in adaption to oxidative stress under the tutelage Professor John Hayes and Dr. Cliff Elcombe. After his PhD, he continued his work on Nrf2 and oxidative stress in professor Hayes lab as a post-doctoral research assistant (2005-2008) before switching to study the role of PPARβ/δ in the initiation and promotion of breast cancer with Professor Colin Palmer (2008-20011). To formalise his training, he studied toxicology at the University of Birmingham 2016-17.

Larry has over 14-year’s experience in toxicology and in particular mechanisms of action and human relevance. He started his career as a bench scientist where he then very quickly progressed into Senior Principal Scientist combined with business development and customer facing roles working with CRO’s such as CXR Biosciences (CXR) and Concept Life Sciences (CLS). He has experience in mechanistic study design and interpretation, study management, GLP and non-GLP study directing and providing leadership and support to the technical teams. He has published regularly throughout his scientific career and he has served on scientific advisory boards of CXR and CLS and provided strategy to meet the CRO demands for mechanistic screens for endocrine disruption, most recently on thyroid hormone endpoints. He maintains membership of the Royal Society of Biology, The Society of Toxicology, and is an EU registered toxicologist. He has delivered workshops on mechanistic toxicology at the European Chemicals Agency and Lectures in Toxicology at the University of Birmingham.