Jamie Dunn, MSc (Hons)


Jamie Dunn graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Pharmacology and has been a member of the company since November 2014. He was then subsequently awarded an MSc in Toxicology from the University of Birmingham in 2019, after 2 years of part-time study and weekly travel between Oxfordshire and Birmingham, and with the professional and financial support of Penman Consulting.

In his role as a toxicologist, Jamie is responsible for maintaining the regulatory data for several substances within the Lower Olefins and Aromatics (LOA) and Higher Olefins and Polyalphaolefins (HOPA) REACH consortia, such as butene isomers, methylbutenes, butene oligomers and polyalphaolefin UVCBs. He is also responsible for updating testing strategies, testing proposals and read-across argumentation relevant to these substances.

He has been active in many other projects within the company, focusing primarily on substance identity and mammalian testing strategies for complex UVCB registrations under REACH. Ongoing work on these testing strategies is designed to reduce the overall burden of testing requirements whilst remaining scientifically robust.

Additionally, Jamie is proficient in using ECHA’s IUCLID software for the reporting and submission of scientific data to regulatory authorities, and in this capacity has also worked with DEFRA as they began to develop the UK’s equivalent to REACH.

Jamie is active in the British Toxicological Society (BTS), in which he is currently vice-chair of the Network for Early-Stage Toxicologists (NEST) sub-group. He heads up the engagement team, which currently produce podcasts and other materials for toxicologists and students early in their career.