Our Expertise

Our Scientific and Regulatory experts work closely with our Project Managers, IT Developers, and Business Strategists, to deliver exceptional results.

Consortia Management

Penman Consulting is highly experienced in managing consortia.   Our approach to consortium management is holistic. We can provide the legal, financial, and operational support as well as the science and regulatory aspects required.   In doing so we partner with leading legal and financial service providers. We have described and commented upon the approaches we have developed in publications.

Penman M and Richards M (2013) REACH Consortia.  The European REACH Regulation for Chemicals: Law and Practice, Editor Lucas Bergkamp, Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-965979-1

Consortia We Manage:
  • Higher Olefins and Poly Alpha Olefins REACH Consortium
  • Hydrocarbon Resins & Rosin Resins REACH Consortium
  • Lower Olefins and Aromatics REACH consortium
  • Renewable Fuels Consortium


Our Toxicology consists of 9 employees and consultants with 5 PhD’s in Toxicology, Biomedical Science and Pharmaceutical Biology. They have previously worked at GSK Vaccines, GE Advanced Materials, BP, Solvay, Nanocyl and ECHA.

The team has studied Endocrine Disruptor Activity, Genotoxicity/Carcinogenicity Testing, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity, Nanomaterials and Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes, and Human Health.

Our toxicologists have worked not only in the petrochemical area but on inorganics and nanomaterials. We are experienced in global business, as well as the science and regulatory arena.

Our Experts Have Experience in:
  • DNELS (Derived No-Effect Levels)
  • International hazard based classification systems (e.g. GHS, CLP, DSD)
  • Preparation and review of non-clinical toxicology
  • Planning and review of GLP toxicity studies
  • REACH registrations and pre-registrations
  • Design and monitoring of Toxicology research programs
  • HSE (Health Safety and Environment)

Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science team carries 3 PhD’s in Biological Sciences, Ecology and Ecotoxicology. They have experience working in industry, government organisations and research.

The team use their extensive experience and varied backgrounds to develop innovative testing solutions to reduce the cost and impact of testing.

Our Experts Have Experience in:
  • Commissioning and evaluation of ecotoxicological studies
  • Innovative modelling
  • Ecotoxicology of nanomaterials
  • Development of research strategies
  • Ecotoxicology of metals

IT Development

Our IT team develop solutions to meet the specific needs of the chemical industry. They develop Active Steward which manages the large amounts data necessary for running some of the largest industry consortia, (e.g. LOA REACH Consortium, H4R Consortium) among other functions.  The IT team work in parallel with our science teams to develop highly secure, custom solutions such as remodelling, database systems and hosting industry data and reporting tools.


Find out more about Active Steward

  • Active security testing
  • Full host level external penetration tested
  • Multi-Tenant Applications with strong access controls
  • Infrastructure for hosting IUCLID and Chesar
To find out more about the expertise that our staff posses see “Who we are” and contact us.