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Building an IUCLID Viewer

Posted by Penman | November 20, 2018

IUCLID has been used successfully for REACH, CLP, and BPR dossiers in the EU for the last 10 years with a primary focus on the exchange of common data. There is a growing interest of other global regulatory bodies to use IUCLID as an effective tool for common data exchange to support the needs of global industry. At Penman Consulting, we identified an opportunity to simplify the way IUCLID data is presented, making it more accessible to business and different regulations. This article explains why we built an IUCLID viewer within our Product Stewardship platform, Active Steward™.

What is IUCLID:

IUCLID, the International Uniform ChemicaL Information Database, is a software application to record, store, maintain and exchange data on intrinsic and hazard properties of chemical substances. (ECHA IUCLID 6) It was developed in the 1990s in Germany, as AIDA  the “Altstoff-Informationsdatenbank”, where Mike Penman, during his time at ICI, was involved in its early development.

Why does it exist?

IUCLID implements the OECD Harmonised Templates and is built as a platform to provide regulatory authorities and industry with a set of tools to manage information on chemicals in a common format, facilitating the reuse and exchange of the data. (ECHA IUCLID 6)

Why did we Build an IUCLID Viewer into Active Steward™?

We built an IUCLID viewer to:

Easily view data:

The IUCLID viewer in Active Steward™ enables you to access your IUCLID files (6.1.3 and later) through any browser, without the need to install the IUCLID application or have an account to the online version. This means all interested stakeholders inside your organisations can access detailed toxicological and environmental data on substances, without the need to transfer large IUCLID files via email or filesharing. Active Steward’s document storage is fully scalable and provides a safe and effective method of retaining your critical information.

The complexity of IUCLID and the data it holds lends itself to a complex application that can be difficult to decipher. Our user interface has been designed to make it as simple as possible to read and navigate IUCLID files, allowing users without extensive IUCLID experience to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Create a secure and efficient method of Data Dissemination:

Active Steward™ is a username and password enabled web application. Users can easily view IUCLID files through a browser by logging in to Active Steward™. IUCLID files can also be shared safely with external parties by using secure portals called “Campaigns”, which were designed to provide information to SIEF members and allow the sharing files and other information without giving external users access to your database.

Create a “Single point of truth”:

Active Steward™ allows you to view multiple file types in a single application. The system provides you with a full picture of your regulatory position by giving you the capability to view your IUCLID files, along with Safety Data Sheets, Declaration of REACH conformity, Communications with Authority, Reports and publications, and more, in one place.  This allows you to build a definitive record of your regulatory position and track how it develops over time.

Facilitate full dossier review:

Using the IUCLID viewer you can efficiently review all the critical toxicological and environmental data on substances, including any supporting documentation. This promotes more efficient quality assurance and technical review of all the necessary regulatory data and documentation associated with your substances.

IUCLID is a powerful tool that is critical in the chemical industry, to facilitate the exchange of data and reduce the burden of testing and compliance. Active Steward’s IUCLID viewer ensures that you get the right information to the right people at the right time, safely and securely. The Active Steward™ team continuously develop the platform to provide tools that work effectively and efficiently and meet the needs of the industry.

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