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Brexit and UK-REACH – November Update

Posted by Rhianon Price | November 18, 2020

On the 1st January 2021 UK-REACH will come into force, resulting in EU-REACH registrations no longer being applicable for UK companies. Consequently, separate registrations will be required for any chemicals manufactured in the UK or imported into the UK. There is a provision for UK based registrants to “Grandfather” existing registrations from EU-REACH into UK-REACH.

Who will be affected?

What and when?

1st January 2021

The UK-REACH Legislation comes in-to-force and the IT systems go live.

30th April 2021

Deadline for UK Manufacturers or importers to “Grandfather” existing UK registrations from EU to UK REACH. Basic information needs to be provided to the UK Authorities by this date.

27th October 2021

Deadline for UK Importers replying on EU-27 registration holders and Only Representatives to notify the UK Authorities that they intend to continue substance importation – A “Downstream User Import Notification” (DUIN).

2-6 years from 28th October 2021 (October 2023-2027)

Full registrations submitted dependant on tonnage band and hazardous properties

How we can help

As a business with European and UK operations, we are in the perfect position to manage the impact that Brexit and UK-REACH may have on our clients’ regulatory status. We have a dedicated team who are already:

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