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Active Steward™ v5.0

Posted by Alex Tibbitt | August 22, 2018

The release of Active Steward™ Version 5.0 represents a major milestone in the platform’s development.  Several back-end improvements have been made to the database and document management system, helping us improve scalability as Active Steward™ is rolled-out to a wider international user-base, and key front-end improvements focusing on user-experience and new features.

These are outlined in more detail below.

Release 5.0 provides new functionality for searching inventories, enabling faster and more efficient searching against your products.

Inventories can now be searched and filtered by:

In 5.0 document storage has moved away from localised filesystem to a database. This change maintains speed and functionality and provides improved reliability, load-bearing and scalability.

This release also incorporates changes to the general look and feel of Active Steward™, all geared towards improving the efficiency of the system and user experience.

The Active Steward Team is constantly working to ensure Active Steward™ supports you in managing the complexity of modern chemical regulation.  We greatly appreciate the feedback that we receive from all of our users and hope that it will continue!

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