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Active Steward™ v4.1

Posted by Alex Tibbitt | June 6, 2018

It contains exciting updates to tonnage reporting functionality and also improved performance for the IUCLID viewer.  This release also sees new UI styles across several screens, improved platform upload features, and incorporates customer requested changes and improvements.

The tonnage functionality allows users to track tonnage data (imported & manufactured) for products across their supply chain. Because product formulations (bill of materials) are also stored within Active Steward™, the tonnage data is automatically calculated for all individual constituents, providing accurate and up-to-date tonnage data at a granular level.

Each constituent shows a progress bar for its assigned tonnage band to give a snapshot of current tonnage total vs registration band limit, in addition to providing the 3 yr average for REACH compliance purposes.

Active Steward™ makes it simple to request and collect tonnage information from multiple sources (EU importers and non-EU distributors) with its Tonnage Enquiry functionality. Upon generation, the Tonnage Enquiry provides the recipient with a single-use web form to enter and submit the tonnage data requested.  After internal quality review to assess validity of the data, Active Steward™ automatically updates the tonnage values at both the constituent and product level. The simplicity significantly reduces the burden of compliance from the supplier.

The tonnage reporting function allows you to generate reports to view and compare tonnage data from multiple constituents, across multiple years. The report includes:

    1. Total manufactured
    2. Total imported
    3. Tonnage movement (from suppliers)
    4. Colour coding to indicate surpassing a tonnage limit according to the registered tonnage band.

Send the reports and/or links to the reports through Active Steward’s secure email wizard.

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