Abigail Dalzell, PhD


Abigail Dalzell holds a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from Cardiff University and a PhD in neurotoxicology from Newcastle University, UK. Her PhD studies addressed the in vitro function of multidrug resistance transporter proteins in protecting human and mouse neuroblastoma cells from pesticide exposure, compared to relevant in vivo mouse models.

Prior to joining Penman Consulting, Abigail worked for 3 years at Fera Science Ltd in York, UK (formerly the Food and Environment Research Agency). There she undertook data gathering and evidence generation for a range of research projects assessing levels and adverse effects of pesticide exposure, work to integrate risk assessment approaches, including the EU FP7 projects HEROIC and ACROPOLIS, as well as compiling a database on operator exposure to pesticides for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This was followed by nine months in industry providing safety information for over-the-counter medicines. She then took up a lab-based toxicology position at Public Health England, completing in vitro toxicity testing of a battery of human cell lines as a means of grouping UVCB petroleum substances for REACH, in collaboration with universities in the US and Northern Ireland and the industry body CONCAWE.

Abigail’s main interests include novel in vitro testing methods to reduce animal use, understanding the risk profiles of complex chemical mixtures and defining chemical exposure routes.